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A professional tailor specializes in customizing clothing that will fit your body perfectly, making you look great. At Areti's Alterations, we are dedicated to finding every customer the perfect fit. We have the skills and patience to perfect each stitch for all of your clothing. Hemming services require a careful eye and still hands. You may be able to fix small holes in your shirts, but when it comes to bigger cases, leave it to the professionals. We have the matching threads and other items needed to repair your clothes and replace lost buttons. This way you can properly keep your clothing intact without ruining it forever. Our tailors can perform almost any alterations and even work on wedding gowns and suits. Call today and ask us about our clothing alteration service. We’re also a specialist on jeans, giving you the best denim alteration service there is. If you are looking for a professional alterations service, call Areti's Alterations in Phoenix, AZ today!

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Wedding Dress Alterations

If you have found the perfect bridal gown but it fits just a little too loosely, all it needs is some alterations from Areti's Alterations to fit you just right! Bridal alterations require a talented, professional tailor to make sure your gown fits perfectly. Big or small alterations to your garment can be done promptly with our outstanding tailoring services. When your special day approaches, we guarantee you will fit perfectly into your dress. We will make sure it flatters your body just the way you envisioned it. Heads will turn and jaws will drop! If your bridesmaids need their dresses adjusted as well, we can also provide bridesmaid dress alterations for your leading ladies to look stunning as they present you. Don’t risk ruining your conceptually perfect garment by going to just any tailor. At Areti's Alterations, we specialize in custom tailoring any article of clothing and we provided excellent services for whatever you assistance you require. Our experienced tailors will work with you to make sure every alteration is tailored to your expectation. We take pride in our service for wedding dress alterations. We hope you choose Areti's Alterations in Phoenix, AZ for all your dress alterations.

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Suit Alterations

If you are going to a job interview or special event, you want to look your best. Wearing a suit that does not quite fit is a sure way to guarantee a disheveled appearance. Luckily, a quick trip to a professional tailor from Areti's Alterations can help you go from looking ho-hum to professional. A good suit is an important staple in any man’s closet. It can be perfect for a job interview or just a night out on the town. You can even dress a well-tailored suit up, or down, to accommodate your dress code needs. Receiving our custom alterations services can make it a more versatile member of your wardrobe. Our tailoring services carry years of experience so we can help make you with clothing repair. Suits are not the only garment that an experienced seamstress can spruce up. At Areti's Alterations having any piece of clothing tailored will instantly make that garment your favorite. Call Areti's Alterations to set up an appointment for our suit alterations services in Phoenix, AZ today.

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Clothing Alterations

Clothing alterations aren’t complicated tasks, but sometimes you want things to look fit perfectly for a special occasion or interview. When this is the case, you’ll want to take your clothes to the best tailor that has the skills and precision to fix your clothes. These services will know exactly how to make your clothes flatter your body and be appropriate for the event. Clothes tend to wear and tear, so having a professional seamstress will make sure it’s like brand new! Our tailoring specialist can make your custom alterations to fit perfectly for you. Whatever tailoring services you need, whether it be anything from dress alterations or denim alterations, we are here to help. These are just some of the services offered at Areti's Alterations. Located in Phoenix, AZ, this company is renowned for its excellent work. When it comes to clothing alterations, there’s no better choice.


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